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The Steve Waugh Foundation (SWF) exists to champion the stories of children living with rare illness. As such, SWF brief was to develop a site that would not only drive users to donate but also to read the stories of children living with rare illness. Furthermore, SWF required an online mechanic that would securely accept medical and carer information for the bi-annual grants process.

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T-bone developed a site that both reflected SWF branding and incorporated a cricket related, child friendly design. The site is extremely goal orientated. Beyond the homepage, users are funnelled toward SWF goals via 'side include banners' directing users to 'Read their story' and 'Donate Now.'

Admin is able to add and administer 'side include banners' for specific pages to drive call to action as required.

Steve Waugh Foundation


The grants portal has transformed an extensive manual process into a simplified three phase form process including provision of secure URLs allowing medical professionals and carers to quickly and easily submit required information.



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