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Lexus USA is the world’s third leading car manufacturer, employing 31,000 people with investments amounting to $12 billion.

T-bone was introduced to the Lexus project following an excellent result on the Toyota Brand Portal in 2011. After a global review of potential digital agencies, the governing agency Team One appointed T-bone as the digital agency responsible for the portal roll out.

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Lexus USA required a brand and asset management portal that would facilitate a consistent brand experience across the board. With thousands of rich visual and audio assets, the portal had to facilitate a good user experience through fast load time and performance. The portal would need to be accessed securely by over 2000 users, with varying levels to access, update and publish.

Lexus Asset Portal



T-bone delivered a responsive design portal in December 2014, providing a user centric interface for sophisticated yet simple asset management​. The portal allows varying access permissions for different user groups along with advanced reporting.

The new portal also includes a secure voting feature. This powerful tool allows:

  • Dealer councils to vote on advertising campaign concepts
  • Comprehensive collaboration tools to quickly and easily reach consensus

To ensure optimum website performance, T-bone worked with Rackspace in Dallas, Texas to develop a custom hosting environment. Located in the centre of America, the new hosting environment guaranteed best of class website performance. T-bone continues to manage the Lexus USA hosting environment.



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